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Tumblrs coding is so good that you can literally just inspect element the switch that marks your blog as explicit and remove the line that says disabled and flick the switch yourself

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I like the way the colors came out in this one

I also like the hair

Check out my patreon to see it early :3


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when all those bottled-up feelings pour out at once, ...

korki & julian sharing a moment in the rain. bit of a flashback to freshman year of college for these two guys, before things uh, fell apart spectacularly...

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drew a thing while intoxicated hope its ok?? 🐾🐾🐾

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If anyone has commissioned Vani/ AshKetchumSays and didn’t get what they paid for or nothing at all, DM me with proof of payment and once my current queue is done, I’ll draw y’all a shaded headshot if interested!

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"That cheetah is perching on my car, isn't it?" - said @[email protected], distressed about losing several minutes during qualifying session trying to find another rock for the chee to perch on.

Quick warmup doodle for my snep fren.

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MFF badges! Really getting through these.. if you’re interested, dm me! ^_^ prices on my page

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