RT @[email protected]: Spyro is out! Have been preparing this for a month :D I'm glad to have seen the art behind it and inspired to go further! I like to see myself as purple boi looking up to his art idols like this animated tribute for

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RT @[email protected]: Promo image of the special hunter squad that's assigned to track down agent 00S when the serpent spy escapes from Blofeld's mountaintop base.

Don't miss this deadly game of hide and seek in 'On Our Sovereign's Ssssecret Service'!

Commission for @[email protected]!

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RT @[email protected] My favourite thing is making @[email protected] mad by making sketches and then never finishing them.

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RT @[email protected]: I tried a few programs on the iPad for the first time with @[email protected] .. not bad for a first run

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RT @[email protected]: Have I ever mentioned that I really love drawing birds and I wish I had more bird & gryphon characters in my queue to draw???

When I'm open again I might do a special for avian-only characters c:

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Should I be enforcing a 80 character line width on markdown files? Really weird to be breaking up paragraphs of text, later editing requires weird shuffling or things just become a mess, but markdown linters recommend it...

Tempted to just disable the linter rule on all projects.

RT @[email protected]: Sunday, perfect weather for some hiking again! c:

- did two of these 'hiking' pics back then, but only uploaded one, here be the other view -
Sorreh for the dry week! Was a bit crazey x.x

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