*Ton* of progress on user profiles tonight on FriskyPaws, probably not going to publish any screenshots till after our panel at ASE though!

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heads up:
if you follow/interact w/are any of the following, pls unfollow:
- babyf/urs
- squidbobbers
- serial killers (fantasy is ok)
- poor ppl (fine if you cw the posts)
- anyone over 25 (car rental age)
- allosexuals
- noncon vore
- Ell/en (google it please)
- rappers

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"you're in TN?! Where?!"

Yeah okay it's a big state but when you're on a flyover state you always ask.

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v1.8.3 of our Discord bot has been released, some new statistics on our site, some performance improvements, minor bug fixes.

Get it here: discordbot.friskypaws.net

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That feeling when you got your homework assignment wrong -- 10 years ago.

The Gartner Hype Cycle's "plateau of productivity" is way too fucking high -- when shit works well it's practically fucking invisible to the business and most consultants. Can't sell boring proven tech stacks.

I should always just assume businesses are trying their hardest to go out of business.

Oh the only source code you guys kept is out of date from the docker image and missing shit? This surely is good. Good thing I'm scraping the running version and merging it together.

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v1.8.3 of our Discord bot is nearing completion, mostly just quality-of-life improvements, minor bug fixes, and some changes to help improve scaling.

We're also debating listing all active streamers on our bot's site along with more statistics, any objections?

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The fun part: it listens to DMs

WTF is up with you?!

So apparently some people in techfurs think cornbread is bad, they're obviously very fucking wrong and terrible people and need to be canceled.

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Doing a FREE Halloween chibi giveaway!

#1 MUST Follow me!
#2 MUST Like and RT!
#3 MUST comment with a halloween theme!

ends Oct 25- in time for halloween!

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Publishing all of our APIs, because honestly, why not?

We'll have to come up with a versioning scheme for experimental APIs though...

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Publishing all of our APIs, because honestly, why not?

Need to come up with a version scheme for experimental APIs....

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