Denying being a furry.

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Is there any weird behavior you remember doing as a kid?


"is that jeep over there smoking?.... Wait no just the driver is vaping"

So today I learned about Reddit coins.

What the fuck? People are fucking dumb.

"if I stream does that make be a good girl?" - me

"Yes" - @[email protected]

I'm over here *dying* to get my license. I just need some time to sit down, study and do my tests.

Our local IT group has a sub-group of ham radio operators, it's pretty cool.

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There are over 755,000 licensed hams. More than there has ever been. Why do I see posts about the hobby dying? I think it's going strong! Even with all this internet, people are still interested in blasting electrons into the air.


I will be the favoritest puppo if I lose the other one @[email protected]

I've worked 46 hours so far this week, *46*! I need a break because the exhaustion is making me feel like I'm going to have a panic attack a lot.

It's 4am and I'm eating a bowl of creamed corn.

And sure there are lots of deployments where AWS makes sense, but just every time someone is waving a flag about "cutting costs by 90%" or some 6-7+ figure dollar amount saved it's absolutely full of shit.

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