Hello welcome to another edition of "IT rantings with CodeSteele" today we're going to talk about every time someone "saves money moving to AWS".

It's bullshit, it's always bullshit, it's always grade A+ bullshit.

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@[email protected] > We used 3rd party software to back up our EC2 instances to S3 and that was expensive.

*facepalming so hard*

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I think one of the biggest eye-openers is a company that "saved 6 figures a year moving to AWS", what did they do?

They replaced all their Oracle databases with MySQL.

You *fucks* that has nothing to do with your AWS move... I'll tell you why they made the Oracle change....

Because they had to financially justify the move to AWS! Yeah I've been there, where someone wants to move to AWS and it'll be *more expensive* so we have to size instances down, remove 3rd party software, slim up the package so we can compete with an on-site deploy.


Which honestly if the company running the VMware stack wanted do they could just out-consolidate my ass like there is no tomorrow (something you can't really do on AWS... sort of).

Every fucking whitepaper, every fucking time. It's basically a fucking lie and I'm tired of it.

And sure there are lots of deployments where AWS makes sense, but just every time someone is waving a flag about "cutting costs by 90%" or some 6-7+ figure dollar amount saved it's absolutely full of shit.

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