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Anyone interested in contributing to further testing of our Discord bot for Picarto and Twitch notifications? So far we have a handful of servers and want to continue to expand testing before fully opening up to everyone.

Any takers?

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I can't believe this is @[email protected]'s response to a security concern.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] And "well there are other projects that don't care about security" isn't a valid excuse for not caring about security.

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> @[email protected] wants a phone number for verification
> Can't use *business line* it's a VoIP line
> Can't use cell phone, Republic Wireless lines are *technically* VoIP lines

Sure am glad Google Fi gets a fucking pass though, NOT!

Man phone number verification is fucking trash.

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my unpopular opinion is that this is a better way to remake old games than to make them 3D

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I asked @[email protected] to do the "MS Paint Challenge" and do something entirely in Paint with the 16 colors they give you in the main palette and she did this with 17 and it's kinda nuts how good it is

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blushy boobie grabby bun
plus bonus kawaii frog plush πŸΈπŸ’œ
for @[email protected]

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I guess I'm just the okayest boy.

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Hmm, not sure how I feel about it πŸ€”

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"Does your Discord bot support Twitch?"


*3 hours later (including a trip to the store)*


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⬅️Started sketching on a computer

➑️started sketching on a paper

Big difference right?

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Tips for improving your diet routine:
Get sick
Eating hurts
Eat less

(Don't really do this, this sucks)

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