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Pin and patch giveaway!!! I'll be choosing one winner to receive an anxiety society patch and pin combo, plus a bonus pride ampoule pin of their choice! To win:

- follow me
- like the post
- RT the post

And that's all! Winner will be picked on Oct 1!

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Windows on my furry work VM that I haven't touched in weeks: "hey, we can't find a good time to reboot, plz do manually"

My desktop that I'm *always* on at 2am: "Hey it's 2am, I've determined this is a good time to patch, let's go!"

For more information visit: aka.ms/wslusers

Did Windows Subsystem just call me a "luser"?

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Very late birthday art for @[email protected]
Silence is absolutely my favorite character of yours (even though I like them all tbh) and it being your birthday seemed like a good excuse to draw her c:

Alt and full res in the replies

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She is available to assist you ✨~

Commissioned @[email protected] to draw a different version of Mordecai as a flight attendant with a little extra πŸ’– !!!

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Winner receives a custom portrait in the style featured.
(You must have a suitable ref sheet upon winning.)

2nd winner added at 1k retweets.

- Follow & Retweet πŸ”„

Winner drawn on October 17 AEST
May the best random win!

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i was watching Ducktales earlier today and when i saw this joke i literally had to pause the episode because i was laughing so much

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watching sappy/spicy romantic stuff so i felt the need to channel that energy into SMOOCHIN POOCHES πŸ‘…

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This thread is full of 0 surprises.

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For every retweet this gets, I will add an Uncomfortable @[email protected] Truth to the thread.

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I love how having a cold got me to finally pull this one from the hiatus bin after so long.
Most won't remember Tala, but she is part of the band that Sparks is a big fan of. She's a female needlix that dresses better than a normal one due to being in the band.

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