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IME: if you want devs, you pay for them, and paying for them is hard if you're deployed your Ruby or Node mess to AWS and the monthly bills are already kicking you in the teeth while your FA clone brings in almost no money (because they're never profit centers).

There are a lot of people willing to contribute time to projects in the furry fandom, a lot of them usually have almost no experience or will volunteer then bounce after very little work.

Ultimately everyone acts like it's so easy -- but that's because they're being idea people, being the idea person is easy, *executing* is hard. Getting a dev team is hard, making sure they're competent is hard. Writing a platform that isn't just "FA + a pretty UI" is hard.

FA has a lot of problems but others have failed to do anything but become FA in the year 201X where development grinds to a halt and no one wants to touch it anymore because the passion is gone and the costs are high to run it.

On top of that, a lot of people still us FA a lot. The Twitter move has been mostly fucking annoying and I miss a *ton* of work from artists. I rely on FA to see art while I rely on Twitter to keep a pulse of the fandom and *maybe* pick up a new artist every once in awhile.

This is why a lot of sites that try to "beat" FA get practically no traction, everyone thinks it's as easy as just "modernizing", the reality is: the vast majority of people don't care for an over-complicated SPA mess of a website that is confusing to use but uses modern tech .

Sigh -- ya'll going to make me tangentially defend FA aren't y'all?

OK, if you think the main thing holding up FA is that it isn't written in Node and Angular, you're free to write one and yet another completely irrelevant FA clone that goes nowhere. PHP is not the problem.

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Dragoneer murdered in cold blood on his own website


- Translate X
- Translate Y
- Translate Z
- Rotate X
- Rotate Y
- Rotate Z

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Here's a handy camera movement guide anybody working on a film set should be familiar with.


> Hey don't use this feature this way, it'll cause weird issues, use this other feature

"Nah we're good, the feature works fine"

*starts logging tickets about things not working correctly*


I feel like I could fall asleep standing up right now.

This, but instead of running into glass windows you're breaking tens of thousands of dollars of server deploys.

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"How did you learn everything you know about Kubernetes?"


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