We've also added direct monitoring of the Discord Client's connection status, we'll see if there isn't anything else that can give us more information when it chokes and why.

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We put an experimental branch of the FriskyPaws Discord bot out in the field to keep an eye on all statuses of all jobs in our health checks. It *appears* the hang is actually when Discord is forcefully disconnected, and jobs hang indefinitely while the client never reconnects.

Looking into fixing two issues:

- Jobs hung again from Hangfire
- Hangfire reporting jobs as executed within the past 5 minutes

Due to the 2nd our alerts aren't going off, so we're adding some health dumps showing all job execution status and will be pushing a patch for that.

Heads up again everybody, @[email protected]'s API is not returning adult streams on their API, we're currently awaiting a response from Picarto on what is going on with that.

Thanks for being patient, this new Picarto software has been really rough to us.

We're having reports that our Discord bot isn't notifying updates, we see that Picarto's online status list isn't changing from what we can tell (eg: streamers we can visually confirm are online aren't showing up in the list). We've reached out to Picarto support regarding this.

Got an e-mail from Picarto's staff this morning -- shipped some changes that fixes our code on their new API (minor changes), we've pushed this live for some testing and will keep an eye on everything.

Thanks for being patient with us!

Picarto's new changes have completely broken their API for now, so our Discord bot isn't able to monitor streams, we're awaiting on Picarto to fix this.

FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.10 released, includes Piczel support! Read the entire release announcement here: blog.friskypaws.net/2020/12/06

FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.10 release, including Piczel support! See more complete details here:

Piczel support should be out shortly, expect it with the v1.10.0 release!

We seem to have a minor bug with the DM'd alerts for streams (not a super commonly used feature but...), we'll see about fixing it soon.

With Mixer gone -- considering adding piczel.tv, any interest in that?

Working on a Minecraft Server manager utility, mostly just managing updates currently, but maybe more to come?


We'll get a binary shipped and better instructions soon. Currently Linux only but Windows support may come soon if there is interest.

Heads up for anyone wondering: Picarto's streaming status API is down again, stream statuses will resume normally again when they're back.

There was a discussion on @[email protected]'s Twitch stream about Mixer, and the struggle to make it a more viable "hangout".

Mixer is 1.3% of our monitored stream and 0.4% of our monitored streaming time.

v1.9.5 just went live and should remedy this issue.

RT @[email protected]

Somehow missed the notice that Twitch updated their APIs out from under us, we have a fix incoming soon!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/FriskyPawsNet/stat

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