FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.10 released, includes Piczel support! Read the entire release announcement here:

FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.10 release, including Piczel support! See more complete details here:

Piczel support should be out shortly, expect it with the v1.10.0 release!

We seem to have a minor bug with the DM'd alerts for streams (not a super commonly used feature but...), we'll see about fixing it soon.

With Mixer gone -- considering adding, any interest in that?

Working on a Minecraft Server manager utility, mostly just managing updates currently, but maybe more to come?

We'll get a binary shipped and better instructions soon. Currently Linux only but Windows support may come soon if there is interest.

Heads up for anyone wondering: Picarto's streaming status API is down again, stream statuses will resume normally again when they're back.

There was a discussion on @[email protected]'s Twitch stream about Mixer, and the struggle to make it a more viable "hangout".

Mixer is 1.3% of our monitored stream and 0.4% of our monitored streaming time.

v1.9.5 just went live and should remedy this issue.

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Somehow missed the notice that Twitch updated their APIs out from under us, we have a fix incoming soon!


Somehow missed the notice that Twitch updated their APIs out from under us, we have a fix incoming soon!

We're considering adding YouTube streaming to our bot, it's one of the more difficult ones to do due to YouTube's somewhat more complicated APIs.

What do you all think?

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We're not dead -- just busy! Really need to do an update with a ton of screenshots and progress...

Chat, reporting, lots of general improvements and polish, we're getting close...


Heads up: Picarto API is having troubles again, awaiting response from @[email protected] on fixing it.

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@[email protected] Yep, we were checking our logs -- we were having some errors pulling Picarto's APIs since 1:38PM EST today up till 2:21PM EST (they were sending bad data back).

We've talked about making these errors more visible to users because it can be annoying.


Sad to see Altanta 2020 have to cancel this year. We'll see if anything else shakes out of this.

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We have an announcement to share regarding Atlanta 2020.


Just a day after our announcement, FWA announced that they will be unable to hold their normal convention

Awaiting for new updates on possible rescheduling/other opportunities with FWA.

Stay safe out there, furs!

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