Discord Notifications should be happy again.

Just a heads up -- our Picarto notifications seem to be down since their chat broke last night, confirming that it's them and not us right now.

FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.8.4 released:
- Fixed an issue where duplicate notifications would go out if APIs return bad statuses causing jobs to re-queue.
- We strip HTML from Mixer descriptions.



Hi everyone, we had a blast at ASE and thanks for everyone that showed up at our panel.

Blog about that here: blog.friskypaws.net/2019/10/27

Slides: presentations.friskypaws.net/p

And a placeholder site linking to all of our current resources: friskypaws.net/

We'll be running a panel at Anthro South East this year showing off some progress we haven't shown off yet. Catch us Sunday 10/27 from 2pm -> 2:30pm In the Frierson room!


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