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Just released our Discord Bot 1.9.0, which includes a bunch of minor improvements and statistics tracking. Now we display total stream time on our site at and may add per-streamer statistics to announcements soon!

Picarto's API has been timing out since about 11:08PM EST, confirmed it's not just our servers (CloudFlare is returning a 524 response code), currently awaiting Picarto on a fix to that.

Just released v1.8.7 of our Discord bot, another minor bugfix. v1.9.0 will come with some new fun toys though.

Hi all, just released v1.8.6 of our Discord bot that fixes an annoying bug caused by following a user then deleting the channel their announcement goes to, see more about it here:

Ever since we moved our Discord Bot's doc's Vue code to TypeScript our docs had some weird visual errors, that has now been fixed!

See the full release notes here:

Discord Notifications should be happy again.

Just a heads up -- our Picarto notifications seem to be down since their chat broke last night, confirming that it's them and not us right now.

FriskyPaws Discord Bot v1.8.4 released:
- Fixed an issue where duplicate notifications would go out if APIs return bad statuses causing jobs to re-queue.
- We strip HTML from Mixer descriptions.


Hi everyone, we had a blast at ASE and thanks for everyone that showed up at our panel.

Blog about that here:


And a placeholder site linking to all of our current resources:

We'll be running a panel at Anthro South East this year showing off some progress we haven't shown off yet. Catch us Sunday 10/27 from 2pm -> 2:30pm In the Frierson room!


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